A unique initiative taken by Pakistan Psychiatry Society in collaboration with PharmEvo Pvt. Ltd., it is a dedicated tele-psychiatry portal where patients get free professional consultancy from renowned national psychiatrists and psychologists in the comfort of their homes without exposing themselves to possible social stigma and bias towards mental illnesses.

It is a virtual setting that easily connects mental health assistance seekers with professionals guaranteeing privacy and patient information safety.

Why Happiness.Care

In today’s demanding life we all experience stress and depression routinely. Persistent workload, poor work life balance, losses in life & financial instability disturb emotional balance where one starts feeling worthless. Social stigma attached to mental illness makes it even more difficult for someone who needs to seek help regarding his/her stress & depression.

Happiness.Care is the answer to your woes, and a platform where you enjoy quality consultation from the best industry experts via a safe, secure and comfortable digital platform.

 Our unique offerings

Happiness.Care works to

  • support patients unable to physically visit doctors (Social Stigma, Distance, or any other reason)
  • Provide a platform to psychologists and psychiatrists to provide consultation digitally
  • provide palliative support to patients in the form of of Psychologist consultation
  • create awareness regarding Mental Health to general public via awareness campaigns

 Happiness.Care Portal Offerings:

 For Patients:

  • Get easy online consultation/counseling by Psychiatrists and Psychologists
  • Access Educational / Awareness material about various psychiatric and psychological problems and their solutions
    • Reading material/Articles/Happiness books
    • Awareness videos/Messages by Psychiatrists
  • Get your Psychological state Assessment Test
  • Get information about Psychiatrists around Pakistan
  • Online chat option/Free Advice from psychologists via messaging

 For Consultants:

  • A specialized medium to digitally provide consultation to patients (Teleconsultations)
  • Access to Digilib – Collection of Books and Journals available in PDF forms